With the approval of the Highway Code 2022, more severe fines are imposed on drivers of cars, motorcycles and scooters

Yesterday, amendments to the new traffic law bill were passed and a series of changes were approved that could affect all drivers, with tougher penalties than before.

In order to reduce incidents on the road, a new draft traffic code has been drawn up and has already been voted on in Parliament. This new bill aims toughen fines and adapt to new modes of transport, with a special mention for electric scooters.

It also aims to increase the safety of cyclists, who are particularly vulnerable users and who have seen how their figures worried the executive more, to the point of changing the regulations in their favor.

Among the rules that have changed, highlights the controversial measure that eliminates the 20 km / h margin pass on secondary roads. This is because the vast majority of fatal accidents (80%) occurred on secondary roads.

What are the new fines in the highway code?

After approval, a number of new or new offenses were added. some existing ones have been retouched.

In any case, there is a tightening of fines in general. So that you don’t have to read the entire text when it comes out in the BOE, here are the most important:

Hold the mobile with your hand when driving. The fine of 200 euros and 3 card points is increased. While the amount will remain the same, the points that will be withdrawn from the card are increased to 6. It is important to note that They can fine us even if the mobile is turned off. Do not use the belt or wear it incorrectly. Once again the points they withdraw from the map go up, from 3 to 4 points and the monetary reprimand of 200 euros is maintained. This warning does not only apply to seat belts, but to any child restraint that is misused. Children’s saddles would go into this mode. Take radar detectors in the car. It was always forbidden to have these detectors, but now he is also fined 500 euros and 3 points. The fine is not imposed for its use, but for the simple fact of having this device in the car, even if it is in a bag in the trunk. Exceed the road speed of 20 km / h to overtake. Drivers who exceed the speed limit on a freeway will be subject to a fine. Penalties will be imposed as stipulated in the following table.
Cheating on the driver’s license. For having done this action, they can forbid us to take the exam again for six months and, in addition, pay a fine of 500 euros. Passing cyclists without proper authorization. Before, you had to leave 1.5 meters when overtaking a cyclist. This is now true for single lane roads, but if there are multiple lanes going in the same direction, move to the lane to the left of the cyclist. Otherwise, you risk a fine of 200 euros and a levy of 4 points on your card.

After a year of testing DGT drones are already capable of fining if they catch you committing a driving violation, but what kind of fines can these devices impose?

Zero tolerance with alcohol for minors. This measure directly targets electric scooter users or other similar vehicles that may be used by minors. As the points cannot be withdrawn from them, they will have to expose themselves to a financial penalty.

The changes are not yet in effect, but they don’t have much left. After approval of the changes, we have to wait for them to be published in the BOE. We will surely have these standards in place early next year.

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