With Houston real estate market becoming more competitive, Vianey Lujan urges aspiring homeowners to lock in their rates

Oakdale Mortgage’s licensed professional loan officers have decades of experience handling all kinds of residential mortgage needs in the Houston area.

Houston, TX, Jan. 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Real estate market experts predict 2022 will see an increase in demand for real estate in the Houston area, and an experienced mortgage agent and broker is helping prospective homeowners get ahead of the competition and secure their loans before the home sales spike begins.

Although Realtor.com forecasts a mixed outlook for Texas real estate markets in various parts of the state, it identifies the Houston metro area as one that could see a 2.6% increase in real estate sales this year as well as a 2.4% increase in house prices, according to a recent Houston Chronicle article. Even with the coronavirus, Houston was a seller’s market, with demand for properties often far exceeding available supply.

Even though many people rush to buy a home, whether it’s a first time purchase or a growing investment portfolio, too many applications are turned down due to inadequate planning at the start of the process. the big mortgage,” says Vianey Lujan, an eight-member team lender officer from Sugar Land, Texas, at Oakdale Mortgage.

Vianey calls on aspiring homeowners to work with her to learn how to get a foolproof loan approval, applying her knowledge as a former realtor and mortgage professional. She has over 21 years of experience in the real estate industry and has been a Loan Officer since February 2018, combining what she has learned from both roles to secure ideal mortgages for her clients.

She provides a round-the-clock service to carefully craft a client-specific mortgage plan that takes into account all possible aspects, from resolving any credit issues to securing the lowest possible interest rates at which other loan officers cannot access.

“Individuals struggle to start the pre-approval process to buy their first home due to issues ranging from lack of education, information, or poor credit scores,” she says. And any of these hurdles can delay or even lead to a denied loan application, a major setback in Houston’s booming real estate market when quick action is the key to success. “When a mortgage is declined, it’s important to know why it was declined. This is feedback that aspiring homeowners should use to increase their chances of getting the mortgage for their dream home.”

Vianey is able to achieve this success for her clients by utilizing her extensive network of lending and real estate contacts that she has built through her more than two decades of working with Houston property.

“After being in real estate in the Houston area, the next logical step for me was to move into helping clients get their mortgages,” she says. “I saw a need for a qualified, caring and responsible loan for our buyers. Because I was a real estate agent, I know what buyers are looking for when it comes to customer service, responsibility and delivery on an approval prior given.”

Vianey also found that buyers in Latin countries are not used to buying anything on credit – they will buy houses with cash. Part of his job in the Houston area is educating the large Latino population on how best to get mortgages. Vianey, herself, came from Mexico when she was 5 years old and saw firsthand the repercussions of not having a Spanish-speaking mortgage professional helping Houston’s Latino community.

“My goal is to educate buyers on their lending options and provide the best home loan experience for buyers, sellers and real estate agents involved in the transaction,” Vianey says. “With demand so high and expected to continue to grow, you need to act fast and get your loan approved as soon as possible. Too many people stumble at that first step and miss out on their dream home. »

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