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Owning a car takes a lot of responsibility. You not only have to be responsible while driving, but also in terms of car maintenance and keeping track of routine car maintenance. You need to keep track of everything from tire rotations to tune-ups, and it can feel overwhelming at times. This is where our N Charlotte Toyota dealership comes in!

Not only can we offer you a routine car maintenance program, but we can also give you advice for the interim periods. Today we’re breaking down power steering fluid – what it does and how to tell. if you need to change it.

Power steering fluid essentially keeps your steering system operational. It transmits power into the system, allowing you to turn on the flying with little effort and at the same time spin the front wheels of your car. It also keeps the whole system lubricated and ensures that all parts can function as they should.

So how do you know if you’re due for a power steering fluid swap? Here are four signs that you need to make an appointment at Toyota of N Charlotte.

Four signs it’s time to change or flush your power steering fluid

#1: You can see it’s not good anymore. Did you know you can actually check your power steering fluid? Just find the tank under the hood, pull out the dipstick and note the color. Power steering fluid is usually red; if it’s dark or you see debris in it, it’s dirty, overheated, or both and you need to change it. Running the wrong power steering fluid through the system can cause costly damage.

#2: Steering becomes difficult. Does the steering wheel feel hard to turn, almost as if it’s stiff? You may be nearly out of power steering fluid. Failure to refuel or have the system flushed and the power steering fluid replaced means that your ability to steer will be hampered which could lead to a car accident.

#3: Your owner’s manual says it’s time. Check your owner’s manual! It is like a guide for your car and will tell you the necessary maintenance and repair intervals. Just like oil changes and tire rotations, your owner’s manual can tell you when you should request maintenance for this important fluid.

#4: Your steering pump has failed. If your steering pump is giving out, it’s a sure sign that you’re low on power steering fluid and the pump is dry. This makes it much more difficult to turn the steering wheel.

Schedule Car Maintenance at Toyota of N Charlotte

Think you have a problem with your power steering fluid? Call the Toyota Service Center at Toyota of N Charlotte. Our technicians can get under the hood and identify the problem so you can get back on the road today!

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