Virginia Tech Campus Master Plan Recognized for Accessible Design Efforts


BLACKSBURG, Virginia. – Virginia Tech’s main campus plan received merit for excellence in landscape for the open space plan. The infinite loop and green links included in the plan have universal design features to improve accessibility and mobility across campus.

The infinite loop will be 2.1 miles and serve as the outer ring of the drill field, and the Green Links will extend 3.5 miles across campus.

The Greek links will extend through the borehole to the main areas of the campus and are envisioned as landscaped corridors with trees providing shade and other natural features.

University officials said they hope the plan will show they are thinking beyond the baseline of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance by reimagining how the campus can be. traveled with a singular goal in mind: a design that works for everyone.

This new landscape will replace the stairs, indirect paths and steep slopes. The project supports the transportation of pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, cars, public transport and even autonomous vehicles in the future, while serving as a platform to improve socialization, recreation and research.

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The Infinite Loop and Green Ties “meet the five overarching goals of Beyond Boundaries, and more specifically, these initiatives facilitate accessibility and mobility and foster an inclusive campus experience,” said Liza Morris, Assistant Vice President for planning and university architect.

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