Thousands of UK drivers puzzled by common car problem


Thousands of drivers in the UK have been left baffled by common car maintenance issues, new research has revealed.

From changing tires to replacing windshield wipers, there is a lot to think about for drivers to keep their cars in good running condition.

While mechanics are always available to help when a problem arises, many drivers instead try to fix the problem on their own first.

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Some drivers will already know how to troubleshoot everyday driving problems, but most will need a little help from Google if they have a problem.

Indeed, so many drivers have turned to Google that Usswitch has been able to analyze this data to reveal the most common automotive questions in the UK.

According to Uswitch, it appears that checking the engine oil level is the most common problem that leaves drivers scratching their heads.

Uswitch found that there had been 19,200 Google searches since August 2020 on “How much oil does my car need”.

Checking your oil level at least once every two weeks, or before a long trip, is essential because the engine can stop working if the oil level drops too low.

It can affect your MOT, so it’s worth doing a MOT check to make sure everything is safe and functional.

To see if your oil levels are low, you should use a dipstick, which is usually located under the hood of the car.

Once cleaned, the dipstick should have two marks indicating the maximum and minimum oil levels. Push the dipstick all the way into the oil tube, then pull it out to see where the oil line is in relation to the two marks.

You have the recommended amount of oil needed in your car when the level is between the maximum and minimum lines.

Questions about the car’s hood, wipers, windshield repairs, and brake lights were also extremely common.

In fact, there were 15,600 Google searches last year for how to open a car hood and 5,760 questions on how to change wipers.

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