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Eric Untalan is the owner of The Wrap Dojo – a custom vinyl wrap shop for vehicles and just about anything vinyl can stick to!

Eric describes vinyl wraps as a big sticker that they stick to a surface. They can replicate almost any surface, including corporate logos for their corporate vehicles!

There are three different types of finishes for your vehicle: ration, gloss or matte.

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It takes a lot of time, hard work and precision to wrap a vehicle properly. You have to apply a lot of heat in some areas, and be handy with a knife in others!

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If you wrap up your vehicle and decide years later that you want it removed, it doesn’t damage your paint. Your paint job will look exactly like the day you installed the wrap!

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The most popular requests at the Wrap Dojo are both racing stripes and full color change wraps on the cars!

For more on Eric and The Wrap Dojo, watch the full package!

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For more information, see their website:

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