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One of the fastest growing segments of the consumer automotive market is automotive subscription services. Huge investments are underway, with several car subscription providers entering the market with the expectation of considerable growth over the next few years.

The subscription plans have many different names: flexible lease or rental; long-term rental or long-term rental. The main idea is that you have a car for as long as you want; from one month to several years. There are no fees or minimal fees to register and you can end the contract or trade in the car whenever you want, subject to conditions.

For a full explanation of all the pros and cons of subscription services, read our full guide:

What types of subscriptions are offered?

The offers change all the time, but car subscription providers can be divided into car manufacturers, independent providers, and rental companies. These are the best UK based services available as of September 2021.

Auto manufacturer subscription services

The few subscriptions managed directly by car manufacturers are currently in the premium segment of the market.

Jaguar Land Rover: pivot

In 2018, Jaguar Land Rover launched Carpe (from Latin Carpe Diem Seize the Day) in the form of a 12 month unlimited mileage subscription for high mileage drivers who could purchase a new Land Rover or Jaguar every 12 months. It was relaunched in 2020 as Pivot, with a minimum duration of 90 days and monthly vehicle exchanges possible.

There are several levels of membership and members can suspend their membership from month to month. A new vehicle arrives every six months. It’s £ 550 to join, then £ 750 to £ 1,600 per month including insurance.

Volvo: Care by Volvo

Best car subscription providers - Care by Volvo

Volvo Maintenance by Volvo The subscription expanded to the UK in 2020. Customers can choose any model from the current Volvo lineup (built to order or from stock), assemble the monthly package on an app and test drive the car on a 30 day trial.

There is no registration fee, then a three month rolling contract. Insurance is not included and rates range from £ 559 to £ 799.

Genesis: Flexibility

Genesis is a new premium car brand from Hyundai, much like Lexus is Toyota or Audi is Volkswagen. Although it’s only just getting started in Europe (it’s been around in the US for several years), Genesis has already announced a subscription service called Flexibility.

No details are available yet for pricing or other terms and conditions, so we will update this article once we have more information.

Multi-brand subscription providers

Independent auto subscription providers are taking the lead in subscription services while automakers scramble to fend for themselves. They offer vehicles of several brands, with different offers and restrictions.

At this point, the number of different models available on a subscription service is more limited than your choices with traditional leasing or dealer financing, but the list just keeps growing.

Cazoo *

Best car subscription providers - Cazoo


Cazoo is a name you will likely be familiar with from its online used car sales business, as well as its extensive advertising program. The company is now moving into other areas of automotive retail, with a new car buying service to challenge the tastes of We Buy Any Car, as well as a subscription offering for new and new vehicles. ‘opportunity.

Recently, Cazoo acquired the Drover starter subscription service, which had successfully partnered with several UK car suppliers. The service has now been renamed and reworked as a Cazoo offering, and is expected to grow significantly thanks to the company’s aggressive marketing program.

Subscribers can choose from brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, and Toyota. If the full range is not displayed for each brand, Cazoo suggests finding specific models.

Unlike car manufacturer subscription services, Cazoo’s offering isn’t limited to new cars – you can choose a vehicle that’s up to three years old. Rentals can range from one to 24 months and monthly costs are lower for longer terms.

There is a one-time membership fee of £ 249 and 1,000 miles per month are included, as well as full insurance coverage (although you have to pay extra to take your car overseas). In August 2021, prices started at £ 249 for a Fiat 500 with a 24-month contract.

Mycardirect *

Mycardirect car subscription service


Mycardirect is a new online car subscription service that offers new cars from different brands. This may be a new company, but their team has extensive finance and leasing experience with major automakers.

Claiming to offer an all-inclusive and easy experience, Mycardirect currently has four locations in England but offers nationwide delivery. Mycardirect focuses exclusively on new cars rather than used cars. It also offers a selection of new vans, which is ideal for small businesses that may not need a van all year round, or may need an additional vehicle for a short contract. term.

Insurance is not included in the advertised prices, so you will have to pay this yourself. From September 2021, prices start at £ 397 / month for an all-electric Renault Zoe with a six-month contract.



Wagonex is a leading car subscription provider, founded in London in 2016 and now based in Cardiff. Wagonex says its reasoning for developing a subscription platform was “the possibility of having an SUV for the winter and a convertible for the summer.” The company has a selection of vehicles available from over 20 different manufacturers (although there aren’t any convertibles, ironically).

As with other subscription offers, there is no significant upfront payment. Instead, there is a small refundable deposit. Road tax and maintenance are covered, although insurance is not included in the monthly fee. Terms can range from one month to two years.



Cocoon Vehicles describes itself as a family business based in Derbyshire and operates on short term one to three month leases or subscriptions. It doesn’t sell insurance, and you can rent convertibles and performance cars.

A minimum of 1,000 miles is included and the lowest monthly subscription starts at £ 598.80 for an Audi A1 Sportback with a contract of at least 90 days (as of September 2021).

Electric car subscriptions

If you’re not yet sure whether you can afford an electric car, a subscription might be right for you.

Many automakers and subscription providers see a subscription service as a gateway to electric car ownership, giving customers the option of living with an electric vehicle for a few weeks or months before making a financial commitment. major. These services are specialized in EV subscriptions.


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Onto claims to be the UK’s largest electric car subscription service. You choose your model – which can be new or up to three years old – based on a monthly fee with one month’s rent possible. There is no setup fee, but a £ 49 delivery charge. Access to UK public charging stations via BP Pulse, Shell and Tesla compressors is included. If you bill at home, it’s on your bill.

Insurance for one person (over 25) is included. The subscription is managed by an app on your phone, which also serves as a key to the car. The Onto range begins with the Renault Zoe and extends to Audi, Jaguar and Tesla. Prices in April 2021 started at £ 389 for a Zoe.



Elmo is a rival to Onto and its subscriptions differ in that users can compose a set of options. Open to drivers over 30, all prices advertised include the monthly cost of the vehicle, comprehensive insurance, breakdown cover, road tax and a contribution to carbon compensation. You can choose to add a home charging station, renewable home energy, and a public charging subscription.

Subscribers must commit to a minimum rental of three months, then they can be from one to six months. The brands available or to come in April 2021 were from MG, Renault, Nissan and Fiat. There was a one-time administration fee of £ 95, free delivery within 50 miles of the provider. A Renault Zoe is advertised from £ 379 per month.

Long term rental options

Since memberships are like long rentals, some traditional rental companies also have short or long term deals and the ability to switch from a city car to a minivan or van when you need it.

However, if you are using a specific car, these programs may not be suitable for you, as the advertised car is billed as “or similar”. You are renting a size and type, not a specific model.

Sixt +


Sixt + is an all-inclusive subscription that allows you to trade once a month on a rolling contract that must be renewed every three months. The one-time setup fee is £ 249 and prices start at £ 429.

Hertz 28+


Hertz 28+ (for a minimum rental of 28 days) is similar to the Sixt offer, with a few differences. It includes an additional driver, free monthly valet parking and you can use your own insurance. Hertz 28+ prices are not displayed on the site but are subject to investigation.

Additional reporting by Stuart Masson.

* The Car Expert has commercial partnerships with Cazoo and Mycardirect. If you click on their websites we may receive a small commission. We do not receive any payment or commission if you proceed with a subscription or rental agreement.

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