Tesla Wins Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Overall Luxury Brand” Award for 3rd Consecutive Year

Tesla was recently ranked by vehicle review and automotive research firm Kelley Blue Book (KBB) as the “Best Overall Luxury Brand” in its 2022 Brand Image Awards. The awards are designed to recognize automakers whose vehicle lines inspire car buyers’ enthusiasm.

As noted by KBB, branding is not just about consumers knowing a brand exists. Automakers with good branding need to have a vehicle lineup that is recognizable, exciting and appealing to new car buyers.

Tesla won “Best Overall Luxury Brand” in Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Image Awards for the third year in a row. Although the company’s vehicles do not necessarily conform to traditional luxury car features, they are still distinguished by their stellar combination of technology, performance and safety. It’s no surprise, then, that Tesla’s electric vehicles like the Model 3 are commonly compared to Apple’s ubiquitous iPhone.

Tesla didn’t just win “Best Overall Luxury Brand” at Kelley Blue Book’s 2022 Brand Image Awards. The company also won the “Best Value Luxury Brand” award and the “Most Refined Luxury Brand” award. These awards are proof of Tesla’s mastery of the electric vehicle business, as the company’s vehicles like the entry-level Model 3 and the top-of-the-line Model S are both viewed positively by consumers.

“Electric power, style and high technology characterize Tesla. But it’s the stunning performance and the ability to go 300 miles or more on a single charge that seals the deal. The Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla, while the Model S sedan and the Model Y and X SUVs are aimed at customers who need cargo and passenger space,” KBB noted.

For its 2022 Brand Image Awards, Kelley Blue Book used the opinions of more than 12,000 new-vehicle buyers in the market. KBB notes that its respondents are savvy consumers who have thoroughly researched their vehicle purchases online. This suggests that Tesla’s lineup is a legitimate competitor, especially among consumers who are very caring about their vehicle purchase.

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Tesla Wins Kelley Blue Book’s “Best Overall Luxury Brand” Award for 3rd Consecutive Year

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