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THORNTON, Colorado (CBS4) – For families coming out of homelessness, having a car is a reconnection with society. This gives them the freedom to go to work, which helps them maintain stable housing. A high school student leads an effort to save cars that will ultimately save these families.

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“I’ve always had a passion for cars,” said Oscar Proffitt, a senior at Stargate School in Thornton.

Proffitt is so passionate about cars that he founded the Mechanics Lab, a club that focuses on car maintenance.

“Each of these children has different levels of knowledge, and that’s completely normal. We learn from each other, we collaborate and I try to involve everyone,” Proffitt explained.

When the club meets once a week, members work on restoring a 2000 Acura. The car was donated by a family who planned to scrap it.

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“The rear brake rotors were completely shredded,” Proffitt said.

The students replaced the brakes and changed the oil, but the engine was in fair condition.

“The interior of the car was really, really bad, the foam was missing. It was not comfortable at all,” he recalled.

New foam and car seat covers took care of that. All repairs paid for with money Proffitt raised himself.

“I applied for several grants and received money that way. We have also created crowdfunding pages for the local community,” he said.

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The Acura is almost ready. Proffitt and his fellow club members will donate it to the Denver Rescue Mission, where it will get a whole new life.

“We almost saved the car. The car was about to be wasted in a junkyard, and we saved it, fixed it, and now it’s a gig to go to a person or a family in rehabilitation, who will use this care to reconnect with the society,” Proffitt told CBS4.

The connection Proffitt makes with learning and giving will last him a lifetime and will change lives along the way.

“It’s an amazing feeling and I love it,” he said.

LINK: More information on Spread the Warmth

Proffitt’s crowdfunding page can be found on the school’s Stargate donation platform. You can help the Denver Rescue Mission become a volunteer, or donate through our Spread The Warmth campaign. You can text “WARMTH” to 24365 or click on here to donate online.

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