Tata Motors bets on rural markets with the launch of the new Tiago NRG


The model has a 4-star safety rating by GNCAP and will sell for a starting price of Rs 6,57,400, ex-Delhi showroom

Tata Motors is building on the success of its Forever car range launched in January 2020.

The company’s market share increased to 8.2% in 2020-2021, compared to 4.8% in 2019-20. The market share stood at 10.3 percent in July this year. The company is now at # 3 in the pecking order.

Tata Motors is now focusing on the rural market to sell its new crossover vehicle, the Tiago NRG. Based on the Tiago platform, the Tiago NRG has a higher ground clearance than its hatchback counterpart.

While crossovers traditionally with their plastic liners and high ground clearance have not seen much commercial success, Tata Motors relies on rural India for sales given the good monsoons and higher productivity.

“Tiago is the entry-level sedan and the Tiago NRG will enhance our portfolio with a crossover that will be an ideal vehicle for the rugged roads of rural India. Traditionally, hatchbacks have been preferred for their fuel efficiency combined with their flexibility and accessibility. The Tiago NRG will offer all of this with a small off-road capability that will help rural commuters negotiate the routes of suburban and rural India, ”said Vivek Srivatsa, Marketing Manager, PVBU Passenger, Tata Motors.

The Tiago has a 4-star safety rating by GNCAP and will sell for a starting price of Rs 6,57,400, ex-Delhi showroom.

Semiconductor crisis

The semiconductor shortage continues to plague Tata Motors as well as other automakers and the company is working on strategies on this issue.

“The semiconductor shortage is impacting us and is expected to continue for some time. We need to better plan and manage with what is available, ”Srivatsa said.

Meanwhile, Volvo Car India has rescheduled the launch of the Volvo XC40 Recharge due to the “global semiconductor shortage”. Reservations and the launch of the EV have been postponed until early next year.

“The company believes in committing to a delivery date for customers once they book,” said Malhotra.

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