Say goodbye with emotion to our wonderful Maruti 800 after 23 years

It was indeed very sad to let go of such a perfect car, the one that had given us so many memories over the years.

BHPian Pulkit99 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi there,

My dad had a pristine 1999 Maruti 800. We’ve had that car with us for over 23 years. Unfortunately, at the beginning of this year we had to sell the car.

We had been living in Shillong for over 12 years now, and it seemed like the perfect place for us. The weather was perfect, the people were great, and there was a certain peace and quiet about the place. But in 2020 my dad retired and we had planned to move to our home town of Lucknow that year but covid happened and we were luckily stuck in Shillong.

We stayed in Shillong for another year or so before deciding to move to Lucknow.

When the idea of ​​moving came to mind, the only problem that remained was that we couldn’t take the car with us. Many reasons contributed to this.

The hardest thing for my dad was letting go of the car. He always told us that he treated and raised this car like he would raise a child and that this car returned the favor. It never gave us any problems, took us to the most remote part of India and was still going strong. It was indeed very sad to let go of such a perfect car, the one that had given us so many memories over the years.

Please note that unlike other parts of India where the Maruti 800 is not in demand, in Shillong it is quite the opposite. Maruti 800 has always had good and healthy demand. Even the last Maruti 800 out of the factory was headed for Shillong. This is the reason why we have decided not to put the advertisement for the car on any social media platform or any other platform. We only shared a few pictures of the car with close people and almost all of them were interested in the car.

One of my college professors wanted to take a look at the car as she was considering buying it for her sister. They asked us to take it to the Maruti workshop where the car underwent a thorough inspection. The people at the workshop were also very impressed with the car, because even after so many years the engine was running fine, the car’s pickup was quite strong and there were no signs of rust on the panels. body. They came back to us and gave us a price for the car. My father accepted the price without even negotiating. He said the priority for him was that the car had a good home.

We actually didn’t think the car would leave so soon, we thought the car would be with us for a few more days, but when we took the car to the showroom that day and things happened so fast and in no time the car was gone. At the end of the day, we were both sad and happy. Sad to let such a beautiful car go and happy that it found a good home, where it would be taken care of like we had.

Overall, the experience we had with the car was just wonderful. In the car’s 23 years with us we have never had 1 breakdown of the car, the engine has never been repaired for anything, the body panels were all original, the paintwork was all original and only a few parts have been changed / replaced. time.

Since we moved to Lucknow we have been pestering our dad to get another car but he said he prefers to travel like a king now as taxi drivers like Ola/Uber are available in one click.

Here is what BHPian shancz had to say about it:

The best bet for such a well-maintained car is to find it a new home where it will be put to best use, like in your case.

A friend had to scrap his 24-year-old M800 because renewing the registration was too expensive a matter and therefore selling was not an option, although people were very interested in buying the car.

I saw the photos of the scrap and it was heartbreaking to see the almost new engine components.

You made the right call and on time.

Although not requested, by the way, the Ignis is a good upgrade from the M800 or Brezza for a move into city + highway roles in the MSIL stable from now on.

Echo your father’s intent on his “king” approach. My family members echoed the same sentiment after retirement, helped in part by the ever-increasing traffic chaos.

In all likelihood, the current cars we have will live out their maximum legal life and will be the last cars we own.

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