Residents stock up on necessities as snowstorm approaches

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Residents of metro Detroit are bracing for what will likely be the biggest snowstorm in seven years.

Many stores are seeing an influx of customers, from picking up items for their kitchen to products that will help clear snow-filled aisles.

“I’m stocking up on my snacks and basics,” said Donna Norton, who was out shopping.

Norton, a frequent Holiday Market shopper, says all of her favorite items are in stock. She hasn’t noticed any price increases, but expects the worst and hopes for the best.

“The two days it snows, my belly will be full,” Norton said.

Milk, eggs and canned food are in demand, but when asked about the best-selling item, Holiday Market owner Thomas Violanti replies: “Well, of course, alcohol. We we’re seeing a big influx in the aisles of alcohol and snacks,” Violanti mentioned.

According to Violanti, there is enough for everyone, but he still recommends buying as soon as possible.

“I think everything will be fine in the long run and we won’t panic,” Violanti said.

But when it comes to snowstorms, food isn’t the only thing on Paul Cader’s mind.

“We have all the shovels ready, gas in our snowblowers,” said Cader, who was shopping at Gray and Son True Value Hardware.

Cader lives in Taylor but comes to Gray and Sons in Detroit for all of his hardware needs, including salt.

“All the other stores are pretty packed today and I know Dave would have it,” Cader said.

David Levinson owns the store, and he can’t stress enough about stocking up on salt, cast iron, shovels, and car care items.

“This year has been extremely difficult due to supply issues. I can’t get anyone a shovel right now, the salt is right behind that,” Levinson said.

Levinson says one reason for the limited supply is that most stores didn’t need to stock up because Michigan hasn’t seen severe storms in a while.

“The shovels are gone, the snowblowers are gone, they’ll probably put them back into production this summer,” Levinson said.

But in the meantime, David has a pro tip for all salt buyers.

“If you have new concrete, new wood, you get the calcium and magnesium chlorides. They melt at a lower temperature and they’re much easier on the surface,” Levinson said.

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