Reed City Weekly Police Report | Public record

Monday, December 13

Officers took a report of a vehicle that had passed through a fence. A suspect has been identified and the investigation is continuing.

The school liaison officer took a report from a youth who was considering harming himself and others. Mental health assistance was provided to the minor. The minor had no plan of action and there is no direct or immediate threat to the schools.

Officers were sent to a car accident with a deer. No injuries were reported, but the vehicle was damaged.

Officers contacted a man in Rambadt Park after closing hours. The man was determined to talk on the phone with his girlfriend as his mother is not welcoming when he visits him.

Tuesday 14 December

Officers were dispatched to hang up on 911. Contact was made with the resident who denied calling 911. It is not known whether there was a malfunction in the phone. No other calls were reported.

The officer took a report of a stolen catalytic converter. The matter is under study.

Officers were sent to a verbal servant between a dating couple. No crime was committed. The officer provided advice to keep the situation calm and peaceful.

Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of an individual who had made suicidal comments. The individual had calmed down and had no intention of taking action, stating that there was stress due to family issues. The individual was placed in the care of a family member.

Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex after a resident heard what he believed to be another resident fall inside his apartment and became concerned for his safety. The agent made contact and the woman was fine.

While on patrol, officers observed that a vehicle did not stop for a stop sign. The 27-year-old driver received a subpoena for driving with a revoked license and not having insurance on the vehicle. A citation was also issued for not stopping at the stop sign.

Wednesday December 15

Officers were dispatched on a report of a young minor exposing himself to another young minor. The case has been investigated. Due to age, it does not appear that there was any intention. The child was told this was not appropriate and the parents agreed that the case would be monitored to avoid any further problems.

Thursday December 16

Officers were dispatched to a residence regarding an unwanted adolescent visitor who was causing problems with other adolescents. The officer responded and the teenager was advised that he was no longer permitted to enter the residence at the owner’s request.

Friday. December 17th

Officers were dispatched on a shoplifting complaint. After investigating and learning that the individual had an intellectual disability, the store chose not to seek charges until the 18-year-old’s guardians agreed to pay for the items. The articles have been paid for.

Officers took a report of possible elder abuse. Upon further investigation, there was no evidence of criminal activity, but evidence to support a continuing disagreement among family members over the appropriate way to care for the elderly person.

Officer were sent to a two-car accident. No injuries were reported and both vehicles sustained minor damage.

While on patrol, officers saw the door of a vacant building open. The building has been inspected and the door secured.

During a patrol, officers observed a broken down vehicle. Officers stood ready to provide security while the vehicle was sufficiently repaired to be moved to a safe location.

Saturday, December 18

Officers were asked to help the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department establish a perimeter after the driver of a vehicle fled on foot. The officer assisted them as they conducted their investigation.

Officers received a report of possible criminal sexual behavior that had occurred approximately 10 years earlier. Due to people involved in several different jurisdictions across the state, the case has been turned over to Michigan State Police for investigation.

Sunday December 19

Officers were asked to check a report of a plastic shield hanging from a utility pole. The officer determined there was no immediate danger and contact was made with the utility company.

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