Premier of Tasmania – Tasman National Park improvements improve visitor experience


July 5, 2021

Jacquie Petrusma, Minister of Parks

The visitor experience at Tasman National Park has been enhanced with several projects and upgrades now completed, providing a world-class experience in one of the state’s most scenic tourist destinations.

In response to the growing number of Tasmanians vacationing at home with interstate tourists, improvements to the parking lot, boat launch facilities, and observation deck at Maingon Bay have been undertaken.

The facilities have been designed to provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the peninsula, while ensuring that the natural environment of the national park is protected for generations to come.

A short distance from Hobart, we know Tasman National Park is a popular destination for those who want to see the spectacular rock formations, to tackle the multi-day Three Cape Trail or shorter walks up to in Cape Hauy, Crescent Bay, Mt Brown, Cap Raoul and Shipstern Bluff.

The area is also a popular spot for boating enthusiasts, which is why we recently improved the boat and trailer parking at Pirates Bay, as well as the widening of the access road to the boat launch. the water.

Other recent work on the Tasman Peninsula includes:

* Improvements to the staircase leading to the remarkable cave observation deck;

* New hiking trails to Crescent Bay and Mount Brown, including a new coastal viewing area at Maingon Blowhole and longer walks to Crescent Bay, Crescent Bay Lookout and Mount Brown;

* The redevelopment of the Stormlea Road car park which included 50 additional vehicle spaces, a new toilet block, head end infrastructure and track improvements to the walking tracks of Shipstern Bluff and Cape Raoul; and

* A new larger capacity parking lot at Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen, with new washrooms to be completed later this year.

The Liberal Government of Tasmania will also invest an additional $ 1.5 million in Tasman National Park over the coming years to provide new viewing platforms and lookouts highlighting the geological features of the Tasman Arch. and improve visitor information and accessibility.

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