Police keep cars away from Snowdonia after driver warning ignored

Police removed several dangerously parked vehicles at a beauty spot in North Wales over the bank holiday weekend. The cars belonged to people who were spending part of their Easter holidays in Snowdonia.

At 1:45 p.m., a police spokesperson asked users of the A5 in the Nant Francon sector, particularly on the Lake Ogwen side, to “be careful” because many vehicles were parked dangerously and thoughtlessly. This had led to local traffic problems and a plea for “reasonable and proper parking at beauty spots”.

About an hour and a half later, the force resumed its social networks. It was clear they meant what they said in the first warning.

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The tracking post, at around 3.15pm, said: ‘A number of vehicles have now been removed by traffic officers as they were considered a hazard to other road users. Thank you to those of you who parked in a reasonable and considerate manner.”

Many took the post’s comments to praise the police for acting quickly. Some said it would be “the only way” people would learn not to repeat the offense.

One said: “Arrogant and selfish people. Once caught parking improperly and dangerously forbidden to park there again if caught, confiscate the car.

“It’s a matter of time before someone gets killed. I hope not, but it’s a dangerous road in general without those stupid idiots making it worse.”

Another added: ‘If it looks full then go somewhere else and if it’s obvious people are illegally parked DON’T join them. Why do we have stupid selfish tourists?’

A third commented: ‘Some of them were there before 9am and clearly could park properly in a designated spot. Just laziness.’

Ahead of the bank holiday, the Snowdonia National Park team took to social media to inform tourists of the options available that eliminate the need for unsafe parking. This included their park and ride program, public transport links and also pre-booking a space in their Pen Y Pass car park.

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