New local test site opens in Mansfield – Mansfield District Council

A new coronavirus (COVID-19) testing center has opened to allow people to make an appointment at the Grove Street Car Park in Mansfield.

It is part of the government’s desire to continue improving the accessibility of COVID-19 testing for local communities.

The tests on this site are available for people with symptoms – a high temperature, a new continuous cough, or a loss or change in your smell or taste. Anyone with one or more of these symptoms should book a test on the NHS website (opens in a new window) or by calling 119. The government is committed to making testing even easier and reducing the time it takes to receive test results.

The new site is located so that it is easily accessible without a car. Those tested will be required to follow public health measures, including social distancing, not to travel by taxi or public transport, to practice good personal hygiene, and to wear a face covering everywhere, including when walking. their movements to and from the test center.

Anyone who shows up for an appointment at a walk-in testing site will receive guidance on getting to and from the test site safely, with additional support for vulnerable groups and people with disabilities.

Testing on the new site will begin from today, Thursday, December 02, with appointments available each day.

Anyone who tests positive for the virus in England will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace to help them trace their contacts. This will help identify who they may have been in close contact with, thus protecting others from further transmission.

The COVID-19 test is also available for those invited to take a test, which could be performed by NHS Test and Trace if they are in close contact with a positive case, by a clinician or their local authority, by a pilot of test or through their work. Instead of self-isolating, fully vaccinated people and people under the age of 18 identified as close contacts of positive COVID-19 cases are advised to take a free PCR test as soon as possible.

Close contacts of those who test positive will also hear the NHS Test and Trace, asking them to stay home for 10 days if they are not fully vaccinated to prevent them from spreading the virus unknowingly. Close contacts of people who have been identified as suspected or confirmed cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 should stay home and self-isolate even if they are fully vaccinated or under the age of 18 years and 6 months.

A free and rapid lateral flow test is also available to everyone in England for people without symptoms. About 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 have no symptoms but can still infect others. Taking a quick and free lateral flow test before a high-risk period will give you peace of mind that you are unlikely to be contagious and capable of spreading COVID-19. It remains essential to get vaccinated and to continue to take other preventive measures such as regular hand washing, wearing a face mask and ventilation of spaces during meetings indoors.

Jenny Harries, CEO of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said: “This new visitation site is part of our ongoing work to make it even easier to obtain a PCR test for people who need to. a PCR test.

“If you have developed a new continuous cough, high temperature, or loss or change in smell or taste, or if you are asked or advised to have a test, please book one and follow your advice. are given.

“As we return to a more familiar way of life, testing and isolation when necessary remains a critical way to control the spread of the virus and protect each other. “

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