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British sports car maker Morgan has dropped the new Super 3, the 113-year-old marque’s most powerful three-wheeler to date.

The Super 3 – which represents a new product family within Morgan, replacing its 3 Wheeler model – is the company’s first use of a unibody structure and is built on its three-piece aluminum platform. .

The ‘jet age’-inspired three-wheeler is powered by a Ford 1.5-litre three-cylinder, which produces 118 hp at 6,500 rpm while weighing just 635 kg (1,439 lb), and is mated to the same five-speed gearbox used in the Mazda MX5. The Super 3 manages a top speed of 130 mph and 0-62 mph in 7.0 seconds.

Morgan also states that the Super 3 is its most configurable car to date, with an “unlimited combination” of options and accessories, including side panniers and “exo rack” storage options.

Morgan describes his Super 3 as the company’s “first clean sheet design since the launch of the Aero 8 in 2000” and “its biggest visual change since the 1962 Plus 4 Plus”.

“Morgan 3 Wheeler owners are individual, like to do things their own way and actively seek adventure,” says Jonathan Wells, design manager at Morgan Motor Company. “With Super 3, we sought to exaggerate these qualities through design.”

“It seemed natural to draw influences for Super 3 from later decades that its 1920s-inspired predecessor paid homage to. During the ‘jet age’, the balance between form and function was evened out. is during these decades that the most aerodynamic shapes were not only required, but also admired.

The Super 3 is available to order now through Morgan, priced at $41,995 GBP ($56,300 USD) OTR in the UK with deliveries from June.

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