JCPL Chronicle: The library relies on accessibility

Libraries are for everyone.

Johnson County Public Library is always looking for new ways to make our buildings and resources more accessible. The library has a variety of services and tools to increase accessibility.

For services, we offer both home delivery and home delivery. Curbside is for anyone who can get to the library but doesn’t want to enter. This service is ideal for parents with young children. Customers will call their branch upon arrival and staff will bring their items to their car. In addition, the library offers delivery services for anyone unable to come to the library due to disability or illness. Customers can contact their nearest JCPL branch to arrange a contactless delivery date and time to their home.

In addition to the services mentioned above, the library offers items to increase accessibility in our buildings. Each JCPL branch has the following mobility devices available for use when visiting the library: adult-sized wheelchair, rollator, shopping trolley and shopping baskets.

Each branch also has dedicated accessibility workstations or assistive technology items available for use in the library. These items include a large-print keyboard and a trackball mouse, so you can comfortably use our public computers and laptops. We also have sensory kits available for use during your visit. These kits contain a variety of items, including a snap-on mesh vest, eye mask, sensory brush, and sensory tunnel. Ask a staff member at a reception desk to borrow noise-canceling headphones for adults and children.

Our object library includes assistive technology tools that can be borrowed with a library card. These include Enchroma glasses, Ruby HD magnifier and memory kits. Enchroma glasses can help color blind people see colors without losing precision or clarity. The Ruby HD is a portable electronic magnifier that can display more text than a traditional magnifier and magnify text up to 24 times. Memory kits are available for those working with or caring for someone with dementia or other memory disorders. These kits contain items such as puzzles, games, books, CDs, DVDs and other sensory items to help the individual have a meaningful experience.

Library staff can also help you find accessible materials through our catalog, locate accessibility features in our digital resources, and use assistive technology available with our computers.

We welcome suggestions for accessibility tools or resources that customers find helpful. If you want to learn more about the library’s accessibility resources and services, visit The library is a welcoming space for all.

Stefanie Davis, adult services librarian at the White River Branch Library. JCPL staff members write this bi-monthly column for the Daily Journal. Send feedback to [email protected]

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