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Buying a new car is a big investment and a matter of high prestige in India. Once the purchase and delivery have been made, it’s time for you to start taking care of your new car. Modern cars are quite reliable, but they are still complex machines that would suffer from wear and tear over time. However, following a few simple steps can extend the life of your car. In today’s article, let’s talk about some tips you can follow to take care of your new car.

Read the manual

After receiving your new car, it is important that you acquire as many details as possible about it. So where do you get all the information from? Simply by reading the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will keep you well informed on the proper use of the car. The manual also shows all the important items regarding maintenance of the air filter, engine oil and windshield washer fluid. It also provides information about the vehicle’s warranty period and roadside assistance contacts. So, the car manual can really turn out to be your best friend throughout its years of ownership.

New Car Servicing – Understanding Dimensions

new car maintenance

Your new car will have different dimensions than your previous car. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the new car. How do you familiarize yourself? By driving regularly. Also, it is better to understand the capabilities of the car. You also need to know your car’s ground clearance which will really help you conquer bad roads without scratching your stomach.

Follow the service schedule

new car maintenance

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals, especially in a new car. Even routine maintenance is important as it can highlight any issues that could become a major problem later. Even if you think the car is in good condition, proper maintenance is still recommended. The service includes a variety of filter checks and replacements that will keep your car running smoothly.

Respect the break-in period

new car maintenance

All new cars come with a break-in period. So what is a break-in period? This is when all components are new and need time to properly gel for unanimous operation. The break-in period usually lasts the first 1000 kilometres. So how do you bypass the break-in period? You need to be gentle with your car, avoid overloading and stressing the engine. A gentle break-in will help you in the long run.

New car maintenance – Clean your car regularly

new car maintenance

It is important to clean your car regularly. Dirt, pollen, and bird droppings will eventually damage your car’s color. It is therefore important to clean your car regularly. A microfiber cloth can be used for cleaning. Why a microfiber cloth? The small fibers of the cloth help clean up dirt and won’t leave swirl marks on the paint.

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