Here are the 10 best cities, from cost to security, to ring in 2022

Times Square, New York

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From the Big Apple to the Bay Area, towns and cities across the country expect celebratory crowds to arrive on Friday as people weary of the pandemic seek to provide good riddance in 2021.

Amid the latest waves of Covid-19, delta, and omicron infections, you might think more people than usual would ring in the New Year at home, but financial website WalletHub says that’s not the way to go. case.

“Surprisingly, no,” said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst. “The percentage of people spending New Years Eve at home is actually the same as in 2019.” Sixty percent of Americans plan to host 2022 with family or friends, compared to 24% to attend public events or parties, according to the site The best cities for New Years Eve report – the same as two years ago, before the pandemic hit the United States

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There have been numerous reports of holiday travel over the Christmas weekend, as workers strapped for workers canceled thousands of flights due to more employees calling sick with Covid, but before the omicron wave, bookings for year-end vacation travel have increased significantly from last year, and even stronger than in 2019.

Concur TripIt found that domestic flight bookings increased 304% from 2020 and 53% from 2019. Car rentals increased 404% and 76% respectively from 2020 and 2019; accommodation reservations increased by 271% and 61%; and vacation rentals, 182% and 56%.

Yet many of those plans were tentative, Jen Moyse, senior director of products at TripIt, said in a statement. “Some travelers may feel concerned as cases of Covid-19 increase and news of omicron spreads,” she said. “We heard in a recent poll that more than a quarter (26%) of travelers have made plans they are willing to cancel or change. “

Top 10 American Cities for New Years Eve

Financial site WalletHub ranked 100 US cities for New Years Eve attractiveness, ranking each for overall costs, safety and accessibility, and entertainment and dining options, then averaging to assign a final score. Here’s a look at the 10 best urban places to ring in 2022 and their overall score (out of 100).

  1. New York – 67.50
  2. Las Vegas – 67.39
  3. Orlando, Florida – 66.50
  4. Atlanta – 66.03
  5. Miami – 65.47
  6. Washington, DC – 63.32
  7. San Francisco – 62.73
  8. Denver – 62.21
  9. Louisville, Kentucky – 61.83
  10. Houston – 61.29

Source: WalletHub

Most of us, at 65%, shell out at least $ 50 to host 2022, WalletHub found. The site didn’t have data for last year, but found that in 2019, 83% of Americans were spending less than $ 200. “While the statistics are not exactly apples to apples, we can estimate that there is a decrease in the budget compared to 2019,” Gonzalez said.

Whether you’re making travel plans for New Years Eve or are lucky enough to live in or near a location with plenty of celebration options, WalletHub has a few recommendations. It ranked America’s 100 largest cities for several factors, including safety, accessibility, cost, and entertainment and dining options. He then averaged them to assign an overall rating to each location.

The usual tourism suspects in big cities – like New York City, Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida – topped the WalletHub list. There were a few surprises, however, such as Louisville, Kentucky arriving at No.9, beating places like Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago for a spot in the top 10.

“Louisville is a popular New Years Eve destination because it allows fireworks and its restaurants are ranked among the top 100 places to eat in the country,” Gonzalez explained. “The city also has the seventh highest number of beer, wine and liquor stores per capita, and you can find affordable fine dining here.”

WalletHub’s last 10 cities brought up the rear this year for New Year’s joy: Garland, Texas, with a score of 41.03 out of 100; Aurora, Colorado, at 40.95; Chesapeake, Virginia, 40.94; Hialeah, Florida, 40.85; Cleveland, 40.63; Glendale, Arizona, 40.08; Newark, New Jersey, 39.23; Anchorage, Alaska, 38.93; Fremont, Calif., 38.07; and – next to # 2 Sin City plaza – North Las Vegas, Nevada, at 31.56.

(WalletHub compared America’s 100 most populous cities on three dimensions: entertainment and food, costs, safety and accessibility – using 28 relevant metrics. Each metric was rated on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the party. Best New Year’s Day WalletHub then determined each city’s weighted average across all metrics to calculate an overall score and used the scores obtained to rank the sample.)

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