GreeNVision: Complete Streets of Stewart Avenue

We received $23.9 million in federal funds through the Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program. RAISE aims to help urban and rural communities move forward with projects that modernize roads, bridges, mass transit, rail, ports and intermodal transportation and make our transportation systems safer, more accessible, more affordable and more sustainable.

We will use the funds for the GreeNVision: Stewart Avenue Complete Streets project which involves transforming the existing Stewart Avenue corridor from 6th Street to Nellis Boulevard into a safe and comfortable space for all users. The project includes:

  • the installation of a protected two-way cycle path
  • widening the sidewalk and removing obstructions to meet or exceed ADA accessibility guidelines
  • improved lighting
  • bus stop improvements and amenities
  • the addition of extensive landscaping and street trees
  • prediction technologies for cyclists and pedestrians near intersections
  • a corridor-wide speed limit reduction

Stewart Avenue serves as a lifeline for many people to get to school, essential goods and services, and public transit. The GreeNVision: Stewart Avenue Complete Streets project would completely transform the look, feel and function of the corridor, transforming into a highly functional, inviting and multi-modal space.

The project will reflect what the RAISE program embodies by revitalizing an area where 28% of the inhabitants live below the poverty line. The project :

  • offer real mobility to households without a car, of which 20% of those along this corridor are
  • improve the safety and comfort of vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists and transit users
  • install 700 trees to mitigate the urban heat island effect and increase shade for pedestrians and cyclists

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