Governor Hochul Announces Completion of Transformation of Port Jervis Metro-North Station


Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the completion of a project that has transformed Port Jervis station, making it fully accessible and giving it a more modern look, as customers continue their return to the railroad. The top-to-bottom transformation at the West of Hudson terminus station included the construction of a car-length raised platform, a concrete ramp leading from the parking lot to the platform, and a new sidewalk .

“Our commuter train is what drives the economy of the metropolitan area, which is why we continue to invest in modernization and expansion of the network. Governor Hochul said. “Upgrading our stations like Port Jervis will allow us to continue our return from the pandemic and to remain economically competitive in the long term. “

Improvements have also been made to the existing parking lot to allow easier access to the platform. The platform canopy has been refurbished with a modern wooden ceiling and stylish train station signage. Other upgrades include new benches with USB ports, a new LCD kiosk, and security cameras to improve security at the station.

Additionally, a brand new glazed passenger shelter has been built on the platform and features artwork commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and inspired by Port Jervis’ rich history. The artwork titled Boat House Buggy was carefully curated by illustrator and graphic designer Armando Veve and crafted by Tom Patti Design. Veve’s work is the culmination of extensive research into Port Jervis and features prominent symbols, objects, architectural forms and industries from the city’s history. The glass menagerie of natural and mechanical scenes serves as a dynamic entrance to the station and a point of inspiration for visitors and the community of Port Jervis.

“Providing the best commuting experience possible will inspire more Orange County residents to take the railroad to New York” said Catherine Rinaldi, president of Metro-North Railroad. “From accessibility improvements to thoughtful works of art that capture the city’s history, Port Jervis customers now have a train station that will proudly serve them for decades to come. ”

“Port Jervis customers returning home can expect to use a more accessible and inclusive station, which can also attract new customers to our system,” said Quemuel Arroyo, accessibility manager at MTA. “Ensuring that we meet the needs of all of our customers is a central goal of the MTA and every accessible station we put online is a step in that direction. ”

“Arts & Design is delighted to present Boat House Buggy in Port Jervis, a town that embraces its rich history”, said Sandra Bloodworth, Director of MTA Arts & Design. “The artwork is vibrant and incredibly detailed. Veve’s extensive research on Port Jervis has turned into exquisite designs, depicting the city’s past and present, and, hopefully, will inspire generations to come. . ”

Completion of the project now makes the station ADA compliant and offers Port Jervis customers a modernized station. The new ramp is complemented by a new car-length raised platform, allowing seamless access from the station parking lot, onto the platform and onto the train.

Before the pandemic, the Port Jervis station served around 200 passengers on average during the week, 150 on average on Saturdays and 230 on average on Sundays. Recently, ridership has recovered from the depths of the pandemic to about 35 to 40% of pre-pandemic levels.

Orange County Director Steven M. Neuhaus said: “I would like to thank the MTA for their diligent work in completing the important work to improve the Port Jervis station. These upgrades will improve accessibility for residents, including people with disabilities, and improve travel for commuters and visitors. This is an exciting opportunity for Port Jervis and will make the city even more accessible to travelers from across the region. ”

Port Jervis Mayor Kelly B. Decker said: “It is with great excitement to see the reopening of the Metro-North Railroad station in Port Jervis. This ultramodern installation, the only one located west of the Hudson, is not only eye-catching, but above all accessible to people with reduced mobility. an investment like this shows Metro-North’s long-term commitment to continue serving this line to our great city. The new resort even has its own personal touch with the art that has been created for our city. On behalf of the inhabitants of the town of Port Jervis, we “thank” Metro-North and the others who were able to carry out this project. ”

Senator Michael Martucci said: “The Port Jervis line is essential for the freedom of movement of families and workers in my neighborhood. This investment at the Port Jervis station will improve safety and service for all customers, including people with disabilities, and I thank Metro-North for their commitment to our region’s transportation infrastructure.

Assembly member Karl Brabenec said: “After years of hard work, it is exciting to see what we have been able to accomplish for the Port Jarvis resort. Throughout the process, I have worked alongside community members from all walks of life and walks of life to ensure this project continues to improve our community. The new high-level platform to assist with boarding, the updated ramp for disabled passengers, and the beautifully designed passenger canopy and shelter are testament to what we can accomplish when the government works for it. the people. ”

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