GM reportedly stopped supplying replacement batteries for the Chevy Spark EV

According to a report by EV Resource (Going through Inside electric vehicles). The Chevy Spark electric vehicle (EV) was first released in 2013, and GM continued to manufacture new models through 2016.

A GM district executive confirmed EV Resource that the company “is no longer going to provide this [the Spark EV’s] battery.” GM’s inventory of Spark EV batteries is also reportedly depleted, and the company does not plan to make any more. The edge contacted GM with a request for comment, but did not immediately respond.

With the oldest Spark EV model being almost 10 years old, vehicle owners can be left without a functioning car if their battery fails. GM offers an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty specifically for the battery in its Spark EVs and other EVs, which means the warranty has already expired (or is about to expire) for Spark EVs. released in 2013 and 2014. It’s unclear if GM will continue to honor its warranty and somehow replace the failed Spark’s battery, or if EV Resource points out, if GM will offer to buy back the vehicle instead of replacing the battery.

Spark EV owners also might not have the best chance of finding a spare battery. EV Resource notes that there isn’t really a market for Spark EV batteries compared to other electric vehicles, given that companies might not find value in supplying parts for a car that is cheaper (the model of base 2016 sold at an MSRP under $26,000). Additionally, GM only managed to sell about 7,400 Spark electric vehicles — mostly in California, Oregon and Maryland — before ending its three-year run.

As GM scrambles to manufacture and replace batteries in more than 140,000 electric Chevy Bolts that were recalled last year due to fire hazards, GM may simply not have the bandwidth. needed to create replacement batteries for the Spark EV. GM only resumed manufacturing Bolt EVs in early April after a months-long production freeze, and also recently announced plans to discontinue the non-electric version of the Chevy Spark sometime in the future. of the year.

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