FIA explains why Gasly was penalized for Alonso shock


Gasly hit Alonso’s rear wheel at turn 1 on the first lap, sending the Alpine rider spinning and ending any chance the former world champion had to score points,

Often the contact on the first lap is considered by the stewards as a race incident, but on this occasion the stewards agreed that Gasly should be penalized.

They also ignored the fact that Gasly had Sergio Perez’s Red Bull inside.

Gasly received a five-second penalty, which he received at his pit stop, as well as two points on his license. He finally finished sixth, just behind Lewis Hamilton.

In their decision, the marshals determined that “GAS caused a collision with car 14 (ALO) during lap 1. GAS tried to negotiate T1 with PER on the inside and car 14 (ALO) on the outside . ALO was slightly ahead of GAS. on exiting the turn when the two cars made contact, causing ALO to spin.

“The Stewards determined that GAS was primarily responsible for the collision, as it did not leave enough space for ALO outside.

“It should also be emphasized that the stewards do not consider this incident to be an inevitable contact in the first lap on lap 1 between two cars, as GAS was not sandwiched between two cars when it touched the car of ALO. “

Masi stressed that the main thing was for Gasly to be held responsible, in accordance with the procedures agreed before this season.

“One of the things if we go back to the beginning of the year, if you remember, before the first event was that after the discussions with the riders and the teams, we kind of had to step back a bit to let them run. principles in general, ”he said.

“And one of them was the first lap incidents, and if a driver was fully responsible for an incident, it would probably result in a penalty.

“And that one, the commissioners determined that Peter was entirely responsible for the incident. And as a result, a five-second penalty was imposed.”

Sergio Perez, Red Bull Racing RB16B, Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri AT02

Photo By: Andy Hone / Motorsport Images

Asked to compare the Turkish incident with the non-penalized first-round contact between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Imola, Masi stressed that the cases were different.

“I think if you look at Max and Lewis’s one, it’s one of those that are wholly, or primarily, under our rules. So we said, and the way to facilitate interpretation, let’s call- The, for everyone’s benefit, is that if someone is fully responsible for the first round, it will result in a penalty.

“If it takes two to dance, then it’s likely that the first round will go nowhere, or if there’s more than two cars involved. But if it’s clear enough, two cars, one l ‘did, then a penalty would occur. “

Masi confirmed that the stewards examined whether Perez’s presence alongside Gasly played a role before ignoring him.

“So that’s one of the reasons it probably took a little longer at first to take a closer look, obviously Sergio was inside, but once that was enough. clear from all the footage and whatever was available, which is why they determined it was a five-second penalty. “

Gasly himself insisted that Perez’s presence played a role as he tried to stay away from Red Bull.

“There was contact and I didn’t really see the footage,” he said. “For me it was tight with Sergio inside of me and Fernando was outside, so honestly there was no space, but yes there was contact.

“I took the penalty, I don’t know if it was the right thing or not. I have to look at the pictures first.

“I saw Fernando was there, I also saw Sergio was there, and I tried to get where I could. We know it’s usually not a good mix when there are so many cars. I don’t have any other similar situation that comes to mind.

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