Family car riddled with bullets as they drive away from West Valley Mall in Tracy – CBS Sacramento

TRACY (CBS13) – Bullets flew in and hit a family’s car as they left the West Valley Mall in Tracy.

The five people inside escaped unharmed. The driver is a future mother.

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Now the family is asking the public for help in locating the suspects.

Makayla Johnson showed off the broken glass and riddled chassis of her car after being hit by bullets at least four times.

“So when the drivers came in they started pulling from the back, they hit that window twice,” Johnson said showing the damage. “It was really shocking. It was just scary. Like it’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Johnson’s 13, 14 and 19-year-old brothers and her boyfriend were in the car with her. She is also three months pregnant.

“It’s scary because, you know, I’ve never seen it from a parent’s point of view until now, and now I have a baby coming and what is my baby going to do?” Johnson said.

Johnson said his family was leaving the West Valley Mall on Saturday night when they were stared at by a group of boys.

Johnson then noticed a vehicle chasing her as she drove away from the mall. This car rolled alongside him and someone inside started shooting at them.

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“It’s just reckless, and people lose their lives for what?” Johnson said. “I mean, everyone in that car had something for them, or has something for them.”

Mercedes Bartlow is Johnson’s mother-in-law and the mother of the 13 and 14-year-old boys who rode with Johnson in the car.

“They were shooting to kill my kids,” Bartlow said.

She says she asked investigators for surveillance video of the suspicious vehicle and that police told her they had not found any so far.

“There must be cameras from the inside to the outside,” Bartlow said. “If there had been cameras, we would have people in custody right now. “

A call to West Valley Mall was not immediately returned.

“I’d much rather pay for a car than pay for, you know, a funeral or a hospital bill,” Johnson said.

A family trip to the mall turned into a gun violence survival story. Now a search is underway for the suspects.

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Tracy Police have not released any description of a suspect or vehicle so far.

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