Elon Musk Teases Tesla FSD to Chicago Area Uber Drivers: When Is It Happening?

Earlier today, Elon Musk teased a new app for the Tesla FSD beta system for Uber drivers and the Chicago area, saying the feature will soon be available for electric vehicles as part of the ride-sharing app. The tech CEO wants his self-driving system to be used by the public through ride-sharing services or his “robotaxis” business he’s already talked about.

Elon Musk wants to bring Tesla FSD for Uber’s service

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A A Tesla fan shared his experience with the FSD beta feature which recently became available globally through the public beta. Although still in beta and testing, the user claimed that FSD “changed” his life through his use and experience with the system.

The Tesla FSD Beta is currently in version 10.69, providing its users with the latest features and technologies.

The fan said he will continue to publicize its features and benefits, making it his mission to educate Chicago and area Uber drivers about the Full-Self Driving feature. He added that a “strike reset” is needed to achieve their end goal of having FSD for Uber drivers in the huge city.

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When is the Tesla FSD coming to Uber and Chicago?

Here, Elon Musk replied, saying the service could arrive in the coming week, giving FSD to drivers who use Tesla electric vehicles in the region. However, Musk’s response was vague, as it didn’t mention details of what was to come next week. It may be focused on bringing the FSD beta to more electric vehicles, as well as Uber drivers who use Tesla as a service car.

It may also mean that FSD extends further into the Chicago area for drivers who have already subscribed to the feature. Still, it may mean the two are coming to Uber and Chicago-area drivers as part of its expansion plans.

Elon Musk and Tesla’s Robotaxi Services

Earlier this year, Elon Musk spoke of a major move towards a self-driving system for the public through Tesla without needing to own the vehicle. It will be a transport service and function under an unknown name, only known as the “robotaxi” business, bringing people from one place to another without a driver.

The company and its leader have previously given huge highlights to FSD expansion for numerous registrations on different vehicles and drivers known as public beta applications.

Users only need to book their ride and enter their destination, which would pick them up at their pinned location, as Tesla electric cars don’t have a steering wheel. Musk highlighted this feature as part of the robotaxi project the company is already working on, which will soon come to the public once development of the FSD is complete.

It’s no longer news that Musk and Tesla are already working on a robotaxi venture, alongside the expansion of FSD for the world, including those who use EVs for transportation service. Uber drivers, who provide Teslas for public use, will soon receive FSD, with a focus on expanding it to the Chicago area next week.

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