Electric Dreams: The company that converts beautiful classic cars to run on modern electric batteries


Classic and Electric Vehicles in Durham ensures that vintage cars can continue to be driven in the future, while fighting climate change and helping the environment

Converting classic cars to run on modern electric batteries is a niche but growing market operated by a handful of companies in the UK.

One such company is Durham City’s Classic and Electric Vehicles, run by George Kinghorn, whose goal is to get people to use electric cars.

Environmentally conscious drivers with a passion for classic cars can now have a vintage vehicle that has been converted into a modern electric battery using recycled Nissan Leaf components, which means it can continue to operate. be driven on the road every day for years to come in a non-polluting manner for a price of around £ 20,000

Although the initial cost is high once converted to electric, the vehicles are much cheaper and easier to use from a fuel and maintenance standpoint, on a hundred per mile basis they cost around a quarter of what you would pay for a gasoline or diesel car. .

If you want to own a classic car in the future, it will have to be electric. By driving an electric vehicle you are helping to save the planet, they are obviously emission free and if there is a renewable energy source for the electricity used to charge it you are helping to fight climate change and protect the environment. ‘environment.

Owners of electric cars will also tell you that they are much more fun to drive, that there is no rattling of motors or jerky gear changes, that they run quietly and smoothly and provide a driving experience. much more pleasant overall ride, especially when under the body of a nice old classic.

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