Diono launches Lifetime Journey Care, the industry’s first car seat subscription program

SEATTLE, May 04, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, America’s leading car seat manufacturer Diono launched the industry’s first 10-year commitment to families: Lifetime Travel Carea subscription plan that places “10 years, one car seat” at the center of a comprehensive program designed around the needs of families.

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A recent survey of 2,000 parents of children 10 and under looked at some of the challenges and joys they encounter when traveling with their little ones. (Graphic: Business Wire)

By subscribing to monthly or annual plans, Lifetime Journey Care members get exclusive access to a variety of benefits, including a 10-year warranty, a new colored seat cover each year, and access to fittings. virtual one-on-one sessions with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). The Lifetime Journey Care program is offered with Diono’s all-in-one 3-in-one convertible car seats: the Radian® 3R, the Radian® 3RXT and the Radian® 3QXT.

“At Diono, we listen to understand how families best celebrate the joy of travel, so we can design travel solutions that allow them to safely embrace the adventures ahead,” said Tim Maule, CEO of Diono. “Lifetime Journey Care is a direct response to families’ desires for safety, personalized attention, value and the flexibility to update their style every year – all wrapped up in 10 years of care.”

Diono carefully curated the subscription program after listening to customers and conducting research to determine the needs, wants, and desires of families across America. According to a recent consumer survey commissioned by Diono and conducted by OnePoll, 64% of parents would appreciate having a longer warranty on their car seats and an ongoing relationship with the manufacturer. Lifetime Journey Care members receive a 10-year lifetime warranty on any car seat purchased through the subscription program.

About 66% of parents said the hardest part of traveling with their children was cleaning up messes such as drink spills, crumbs and bathroom accidents. Many parents don’t have the time or energy to regularly wash their car seat cover. To meet this need, Lifetime Journey Care offers a new colored seat cover each year. Parents get a refreshed rear seat and kids can choose a color they like.

Of course, safety is the top priority for family travel. Almost four in five parents (78%) said they double or triple check their child’s car seat before hitting the road, but a surprisingly high number – 74% – said they don’t. weren’t sure they had installed the car seat correctly. . Lifetime Journey Care aims to change that by offering free, virtual one-on-one consultations with a CPST so parents can be confident their car seats are installed correctly and safely. Members can also chat with CPSTs and Diono’s customer service team anytime when questions arise.

Diono’s research showed that 78% of families accommodate three passengers in their back seat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Thus, Diono offers value to growing families by offering a third seat free after purchasing two. Families on a budget will enjoy a free third seat for their third child, as well as rewards points for purchasing Diono and savings on Diono products sitewide.

“Diono is proud to lead the industry with the Lifetime Journey Care plan,” said Maule. “This is the latest example of our commitment to providing simple, smart solutions tailored to the needs of families. When we say 10 years a car seat, we mean it. We want parents and caregivers to know that when they have need us, we’ll be there. We’re in this together the whole journey, and we’re ready to handle any bumps that might come along the way.

About Diono

Diono entered the market in 1999 with a commitment to safety, original design and smart travel solutions. Our core values ​​have never changed, but our desire to innovate has grown. This dedication led Diono to introduce the industry’s first stretch booster, Monterey, ingeniously designed to grow with kids up to 8 years old. But we didn’t stop there, and soon Diono became the brand behind the original Radian all-in-one convertible car seat. Diono never compromises on safety and is the first brand to test accessories. In keeping with our #ColorTheJourney ethos, Diono seats come in a rainbow of colors, allowing little passengers to boldly express themselves and express their style as we celebrate #JoyOfTheJourney together.

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