Delhi police organize the first public hearing camps; Police chief says visibility and accessibility are key mantras


Delhi police held the first “Jan Sunwai” camps across the city on Saturday to address public grievances. The meetings were organized by the Assistant Police Commissioners (ACsP) across the city on the instructions of the newly appointed Commissioner Balaji Srivastava.

The ‘Jan Sunwai’ meetings will now be held at police stations every Saturday between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., with prior notification to complainants who wish to meet with officials for grievance resolution.

On the first day of its launch, the camps saw hundreds of people show up with complaints ranging from parking disputes to cheating in various neighborhoods across the nation’s capital.

According to the police, officials dealt with 51 complainants in the New Delhi district and dealt with 31 complaints. In the district of Shahdara, 165 complainants were taken care of and in the North-West district, 238 complainants were heard. Meanwhile, in Dwarka, 231 complainants were referred.

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Appreciating the launch of this public initiative, Balaji Srivastava said that all the public attending ‘Jan Sunwai’ should be assisted and properly heard for appropriate action on their affairs.

He ordered the ACsP to remain available during the notified public hearing period.

Balaji Srivastava also called on officials to exercise appropriate oversight over the operation of the Integrated Complaint Tracking System (ICMS) to register grievances online or offline by the public.


Delhi Police Commissioner Balaji Srivastava held his first Covid and Crime review meeting on Saturday after taking office.

Delhi Police Commissioner Balaji Srivastava held his first crime review meeting on Saturday. (Photo: Tanseem Haider)

Officials say Balaji Srivastava ordered the force to focus on counterterrorism measures before Independence Day. Counterterrorism measure includes checking hotels and guesthouses, checking tenants and domestic help, checking used car dealers and internet cafes, etc.

The Delhi police chief also called on the authorities to reactivate the “eyes and ears” system for collecting information and monitoring suspicious and harmful activity in the nation’s capital.

In view of a possible third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Delhi Police Commissioner has asked officials not to let their guard down and asked them to ensure that appropriate Covid behavior is followed in all public places.

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With reports of overcrowding in markets following the easing of foreclosure restrictions, Balaji Srivastava called on police officials to seek proactive involvement of stakeholders, including market protection associations and residents to implement DDMA guidelines.


The Delhi Police Commissioner said “visibility and accessibility are key mantras in policing the nation’s capital”.

He urged officials on the ground to rule the streets to keep city spaces free from notorious elements and street criminals for safe use by women, children and law-abiding citizens.

“Be visible and accessible. Let notoriety taste the law. The rule of law must be applied in letter and in spirit, ”Srivastava said.

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