Concerned neighbors fear speeding during a run could put lives at risk


CONCERNED neighbors near Tadpole Garden Village fear speeding could cause a serious accident.

A 300-meter straight stretch of Tadpole Lane that leads into the housing estate often sees drivers set foot and running before having to brake sharply for the turn.

Hugh Milsom saw crashes on this part of the road at 30 mph near Wyld Close and claims that a speed watch group was abandoned because they were so concerned about the risks to their own safety when they stood by the side of the road.

He added: “This leads to a tight blind corner where there is barely enough room for the cars to pass each other so we are concerned that someone is seriously injured.

“The road has been getting busier since much of the development around Swindon has taken place and it is being used as a rat-run to avoid Thamesdown Drive.

“There was a head-on collision a few weeks ago, I heard a loud bang and it’s lucky no one was killed. What if it had been one of the minibuses taking the children into the specialized schools?

“When some drivers see this road straight ahead, they are tempted to test their acceleration. The noise of motorcycles and motorists turning at all hours of the day and night is horrible, you cannot sit in your own backyard. .

“We would like to see traffic calming measures added to slow them down, like on Pinehurst Road or Ermin Street, because that is not safe.”

His neighbor Russell Stephens agreed: “It’s crazy and scary, the potential for accidents is scary. People are screaming in that tight corner after increasing their speed to 50 or 60 mph on the straight.

“Huge trucks run alongside it, moreover pedestrians and cyclists are exposed to enormous danger, and children cross it going between fields or to housing estates, they could be injured or killed.

“It would be so easy to put in a bump or a chicane. We should act to prevent an accident, not wait for someone to be seriously injured, that would be terrible.”

Over the past few days, thin yellow speed bumps have been added to a winding section of Tadpole Lane between Wyld Close and St Andrew’s Church.

Hugh welcomed the addition, but argued it didn’t go far enough to resolve the issue. He added: “It’s good that something has been done, but that’s before the stretch where people are going too fast.

“There were temporary traffic lights set up while the bumps were being laid, it was wonderful, there was no speeding at all.”

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