Car Wash Company Donates 100 Build-A-Bears For Children From East Texas Crisis Center | Local news

On a frosty Tuesday morning, a van filled with dozens of cuddly and cozy teddy bears granted some Christmas wishes at the East Texas Crisis Center.

Packaged in their own tiny boxed houses, 100 Build-A-Bears were donated to the Crisis Center Shelter to soon become a child’s best friend, thanks to Wash-it Mobile, a car wash company in Tyler. .

Wash-it Mobile CEO Daniel Nagore said his company is a small business looking for a way to give back locally.

“We chose the Crisis Center because they have such a beautiful mission,” Nagore said. “They do a lot for the kids, so we decided to make an effort to do it for the kids at the East Texas Crisis Center.”

After spending two nights at Build-A-Bear in the mall, the Wash-it Mobile team made their delivery of bears, each with their own clothes, which crisis center officials called a blessing.

“I can just visualize all these little kids receiving their bears and how excited they are going to be,” said Lana Peacock, ETCC CEO. “It is really important for them to receive a Build-A-Bear and the little clothes they wear are so precious. It could make kids really happy.”

She said it was amazing to see Nagore and others who have start-ups helping their community.

“It’s inspiring. It’s very uplifting to see young men taking an interest in reaching out to help other people in the community,” said Peacock. “It makes you feel the Christmas spirit.”

Nagore said it is a great feeling to help children over Christmas who have been through traumatic events. He plans to make the donation an annual action.

“We are able to provide this for them, for me and for my team it is just amazing – the best Christmas present ever,” he said.

The team came up with the idea of ​​donating Build-A-Bear while looking for something cool, different, and special for the kids.

“We were like, ‘What were you attached to when you were little? Your first teddy bear,'” he said. “Children get attached to their bears. It’s their buddy. It’s their safe space.”

Peacock said there are around 10 children at the shelter now. Last week there were around 17 children, but several were able to move to safe places. She expects the shelter to be full about a week or two after Christmas.

When the children arrive at the shelter, staff at the crisis center make sure they have stuffed animals, quilts and books in their rooms, Peacock said.

“We just want them to have a lot of hugs and comforts, and so definitely bears fill the cuddly part,” she said. “They get a lot of things for their room and it will be up to them to bring them home because they come here with nothing, not even extra clothes.”

ETCC serves those affected by family violence, dating violence, sexual assault and violent crime in Smith, Henderson, Van Zandt, Wood and Rains counties.

The center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All the services offered by the center are free and confidential.

Wash-it Mobile is an East Texas-based eco-friendly car wash that washes a variety of vehicles with very little water.

“We wash everything, cars, SUVs, buses, trailers, planes, 18-wheelers, anything. I’m very lucky to have the team I have,” Nagore said. .

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