Bad winter weather brought out the potholes

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Wintry weather that has settled into northeast Ohio and will not let up has unfortunately resulted in an early onset of pothole season.

At least in recent winters, where we avoided a long, snowy and freezing spell like the one we are experiencing now, we were able to avoid potholes until a bit later in the year.

Tim Rentz is the owner of Tire and Wheel Automotive in Mayfield Heights and said the snow and cold, combined with the pounding of plows and the spreading of salt, have already opened up big holes in local roads.

He sees the evidence every day.

“Over the past week we’ve probably had 4-5 completely damaged rims and bad tires,” Rentz said.

The same story is playing out on Mayfield Road at Total Car Care, according to manager Steve Vaccarino.

“We just replaced an entire passenger side front shoulder, which is the entire front suspension, wheel, rim, tire, strut, carrying the entire suspension system,” said Vaccarino.

Vaccarino said he’s had plenty of problems in the past from customers whose low-profile tires are underinflated, which he says regularly deforms when hitting a large pothole.

Unfortunately, due to this long period of cold and snow, the potholes appeared early and will only get worse once we reach a thaw cycle and the water from the snowmelt begins to make their way under the pavement.

“The roads are going to get really bad, they’re going to be torn up, between salt and cold and water under the roads,” Rentz said.

Slowing down and checking your tire pressure are two ways to try to avoid major damage from potholes, but sometimes it’s only a matter of time before you hit one.

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