Auto repair and roof hail businesses see increased demand after Tuesday’s storm

EL PASO, Texas — Repairs after last night’s hailstorm are underway.

Hail a quarter the size of Santa Teresa, New Mexico and surrounding areas brought people in search of repairs this morning.

Ruben Lopez, manager at C and D Dent Guys, said their auto hail repair business received more than 15 calls and had a continuous stoppage of foot traffic in their store.

“It’s paintless dent removal, what we’re doing is we’re not touching the paint from the top, we’re always going bottom-up,” Lopez said.

Due to the size, Lopez said the cost was high.

“It’s pretty big, most cars will be around $7,000 to $9,000 each,” Lopez said.

Mario Arrieta, sales associate at Rhino Roofing, said unlike cars where the damage is visible, the roof is often overlooked because it’s hidden from view.

“Once a hailstorm hits, most people don’t even know their roof has been hail damaged,” Arrieta said.

Arrieta said a few tips to look for if you’re unsure is to see if there’s any granule loss on the shingles or missing shingles.

He also said that the price may vary depending on the size, damage and structure of the house and may take 1-3 days depending on the extent of the damage.

He said that if the problem is not solved, it can cause more problems.

“Well, potentially at the end of the day, if you leave it long enough and don’t get it fixed, leaks happen and that’s when you start to see the pain in your roof and everything,” said said Arrieta.

Arrieta warns of roofing scams during this time and reminds the community to ensure your roofing company is certified.

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