Auto parts company wins big with automated packaging

The specialist dealer ECS Tuning has long supported the European automotive sector. Founded as a service shop in Norton, Ohio in 1962, the company has grown into a specialty distributor of aftermarket and performance parts for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Porsche and Volkswagen. ECS has a catalog of over one million parts, all of which are picked, packaged and shipped from its headquarters, now in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Accelerating growth over the past few years quickly revealed a problem: ECS did not have enough capacity in its manual packaging process to consistently meet customer needs or expectations.

Company executives decided they needed a high-tech solution to meet the challenge.


ECS turned to Sparck Technologies and its CVP Impack automated packaging solution to meet both current needs and future demands. Using Sparck’s inline automatic boxing technology, each unique order of one or more items is 3D scanned to determine the minimum box size required. The corrugated cardboard is then cut to size to eliminate unnecessary bulk and the need for filler materials. Finally, the order is automatically packed in a package adapted to its size, registered, weighed and labeled for shipment.

Today, ECS ships orders faster without increasing the load on employees. The system creates a box of the right size every seven seconds, providing higher throughput and making better use of labor resources. According to the two companies, the CVP Impack can perform the work of approximately 20 human packers in an eight-hour period, allowing ECS ​​to eliminate manual choke points while freeing up existing staff for more tasks. great value.

On the customer side, the CVP Impack will automatically pack up to 70% of the ECS catalog with little or no filler or packaging material. Company executives say this goes a long way to improving the customer experience, delivering orders in durable packaging that’s easy to recycle or reuse.

“With more associates picking orders and a machine that can handle the volume, we anticipate a substantial increase in the number of orders being shipped daily,” ECS Tuning general manager of special operations Max Everhard said in a statement outlining the project. “This improvement in efficiency translates into promises kept on shipping times with orders in stock ready to ship the same day.”

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