Audi opens unique charging hub concept with 320 kW chargers and exclusive upstairs lounge

Next week Audi will open in Nuremberg, Germany, what it calls “the world’s first charging station concept,” with booking options and a seating area. Audi’s pilot project aims to test charging solutions for the looming demand for electric vehicle infrastructure, particularly in urban areas where drivers might not have access to home charging.

Audi AG is a German automobile manufacturer founded over 100 years ago. Known for its automotive offerings in the luxury and performance segment, the company has recently started to orient its range of vehicles towards electrification, like its parent company Volkswagen Group.

Last summer, Audi announced its electrification strategy, which includes an end date of 2033 for all new ICE models.

It started with Audi’s e-tron line of electric and rechargeable battery-powered vehicles – a family that continues to expand into the electric vehicle space. This includes models like the Q4 e-tron SUV and the new RS e-tron GT.

In anticipation of this growing group of Audi EV drivers (and EV drivers in general), Audi has started planning the creative measures to keep their vehicles charged no matter where they live.

Part of this new strategy includes modular container cubes that can be combined to form hubs that can be easily assembled and disassembled at any desired footprint. To showcase this technology, Audi is opening a charging hub pilot project with a chic lounge and food delivery.

Audi’s charging hub project opens on December 23

Audi shared images and descriptions of the new Nuremberg pilot project in a press release, including videos of its charge cube technology.

This first Audi charging center in Nuremberg consists of six bookable fast-charging points, each offering up to 320kW of power, as well as a 2,153-square-foot lounge upstairs with a 431-square-foot outdoor patio. .

According to Audi, an employee will be available during the pilot race to “meet the wishes of visitors” every day between 10am and 7pm. The charging stations and the lounge are accessible 24/7. In addition, Audi offers an exchange station for electric bicycle batteries, an electric scooter loan service, information on Audi products and road tests in the Q4 e-tron and the RS e-tron GT.

Not to mention the food delivery service, an automat and the maintenance of the mobile car. Ralph Hollmig, Audi Charging Hub Project Manager spoke about this first pilot project:

We want to use it to test flexible and premium-oriented fast charging infrastructure in urban space. We go where our customers don’t necessarily wake up in the morning with a fully charged electric car while keeping in mind the increased demand for charging in the future.

Since Audi’s charge cubes have 2.45 MWh of intermediate storage, they only require a 200 kW electrical connection to the readily available low-voltage grid. This connection, in addition to the 30 kW of solar energy from the roof, is sufficient to keep the energy storage of the hub filled at all times.

Audi estimates that around 80 electric vehicles can be recharged per day without reaching the capacity limits of the recharging hub’s energy storage system. For the pilot program, anyone using the high power chargers will have an e-tron charging service contract, allowing them to charge 31 cents per kWh, regardless of the tariff.

In the future, Audi will use the Nuremberg charging hub to test its new reservation function, while also gathering customer expectations for the overall charging experience. The German automaker also plans to determine what times of the day the facility is most crowded, all to ensure that future Audi drivers have the best experience as these charging centers expand to other areas.

Nuremberg Readers – Check This Hub and Report Back!

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