2022 Dutch F1 GP to broadly ban cars to promote sustainable transport and accessibility

The organizers of the 2022 Dutch F1 GP have decided to impose strict limits on the cars that will be allowed on the Zandvoort circuit in a bid to promote sustainable transport and make the event more accessible to fans.

With F1’s popularity skyrocketing to new heights and fans returning in droves following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, many venues have experienced excessively frustrating traffic jams over race weekends. Spain, France and Hungary have had the worst cases this season, with many ticket holders missing hours of action due to poor management.

The Dutch GP plans to nip such a problem in the bud, knowing the possibility of heavy attendance at the Zandvoort circuit given the popularity and dominance of Max Verstappen this season.

Event mobility planner Roy Hirs came up with an idea to make the event more streamlined for fans and sustainable for the environment by largely banning most cars.

In a report published by the Dutch publication NL TimesHirs sets out his intentions by saying:

“We are largely closing Zandvoort to cars. Only residents and authorized persons, such as the staff of the Formula 1 organization, are allowed to come by car. »

Hirs is pleased with the initiative and hopes to see the majority of Dutch fans participate by cycling to the venue. He added :

“I think it’s very good [the fact the Dutch GP is focusing more on the environment]. Especially this “sea of ​​orange” crossing the dunes by bike is so beautiful to see. Of course, there is only a certain unloading capacity, there cannot be more trains than at present, but we will try to keep people as long as possible. »

Organizers have also confirmed that the shuttle from Zandvoort to Beverwijk has been scrapped after seeing very limited attendance in 2021.

F1 will not return to race in Russia, confirms CEO Stefano Domenicali

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has confirmed the sport will not return to Russia in light of its invasion of Ukraine.

The sport was supposed to have its longest season since its inception with 23 rounds this year as it continues to grow globally. When Russia launched a military assault on Ukraine in late February, the race scheduled to be held in Sochi in September was instantly removed from the calendar.

Now Domenicali is firmly closing the door on the possibility of more races there in the future. Speaking in an interview with Motorsport-Totalthe 57-year-old said:

“I always say never say never – but in this case I can promise: we won’t have any more negotiations with them. There will be no more racing there.

That stance might be seen as a little hypocritical on Domenicali’s part given the multi-year deals the sport has struck with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two nations with questionable human rights records.

F1 could also plan two races in China from 2023, having not been to Shanghai since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while avoiding any potential conflicts of interest that may emerge.

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