2 Dayton children found dead in the trunk of a car in Maryland; aunt accused


In an interview with a homicide detective, Nicole Johnson said that in May 2020, she got angry with Joshlyn and hit her repeatedly, which caused the girl to is banged her head on the floor at a Regal Inn in Rosedale. Johnson then put Joshlyn’s body in a suitcase in the trunk of his car, court documents show.

Johnson also told detectives that two months ago Larry told him he was tired and fell asleep but never woke up. Johnson said the boy had an injury to his left leg, but did not specify the cause of the injury. She placed her body in a tote in the trunk of the car next to her sister’s decaying body, The Sun reported according to the charging documents.

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The traffic stop came a week before Larry’s sixth birthday.

Johnson was arrested shortly after 11 p.m. on July 28 in Essex after police said she had speeded up. The officer said Johnson had temporary false labels and registration and was driving without a license. When the officer issued the traffic tickets and said the car should be towed, Johnson replied, “It’s okay, I won’t be there in five days” and “you are going to see me on my news. great debut, ”according to indictment documents obtained by the newspaper.

As Johnson removed items from the trunk before it could be towed, the officer noticed a smell of decay. The officer demanded to see the inside of the trunk bags, including a suitcase Johnson attempted to hide with a blanket before removing it and exposing the body inside. Johnson tried to run but was caught. Homicide detectives were called and found the body of the second child in a plastic bag, documents said.

Johnson first told police she was unaware the children were in the trunk and said she believed the smell was caused by a rat in the engine, documents show.

A police report obtained by The sun said a second adult, a 33-year-old woman from East Baltimore, was also inside the car when she was arrested. The woman has been described as a witness and has not been criminally charged.

Baltimore County schools said the children had never been students there. The children were not reported missing, there was apparently no formal custody agreement between the sisters, and with the coronavirus pandemic, the children may have fallen through the cracks.

Katherine Morris, spokeswoman for the Maryland Department of Human Services, which includes child protection services, did not confirm to The Sun whether an investigation has been opened against Johnson, citing privacy laws.

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The boy’s grandmother, LaQuata M. Pitts O’Neil, said The Baltimore sun that Larry and Joshlyn were inseparable.

“They were such good kids,” said the grandmother. “They were precious souls, soft voices, good manners.”

The family learned of the children’s deaths through a Facebook post from Dachelle Johnson. They said communication with her had always been spotty, but became even less frequent after moving from Dayton to Baltimore two years ago. They received photos of the two children after the move and occasionally made video calls, but over time the contact waned, the newspaper reported.

Calls to return home to Dayton where the family could provide accommodation and money went unanswered, and promises to schedule an appeal were broken or were accompanied by an apology that the children were sleeping, playing outside or were with an uncle, O’Neil told the newspaper. .

There was no mention of the children living with Nicole Johnson.

Between sobs, the grandmother said: “I never thought that in a million years they would eventually die. “

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