10 Everyday Cars From The 2000s That Are Guaranteed To Be Future Classics

Over time, advancements in design and technology continue to shape today’s cars. While modern offerings may objectively be in another league, with more power, improved safety and greater fuel efficiency, compared to cars of yore, something is missing. Looking at some cars from the recent past, a sense of nostalgia will often begin to creep in.

Cars that were once common sights on the road are starting to disappear. Although these are everyday cars, many still hold a special place in our hearts, and there are often emotions associated with passenger cars based on life experience. Cars produced around 20 years ago haven’t yet seen the large-scale increases in value seen on truly classic vehicles, but choose the right model and you could have a future classic in your possession. Here are 10 examples that are aligned to achieve this, and are definitely worth considering as an investment.

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ten VW Golf R32 Mk4

Volkswagen launched the Mk4 Golf R32 as a 2003 model. While the casual observer would simply see a standard sedan, those who know and appreciate the car are something far more special. In the engine compartment, there was a powerful 3.2-liter V6 developing 240 horsepower.

The car was a particularly welcome addition to the Golf range, as the Mk4 GTI left many disappointed. Something particularly remarkable about the Mk4 R32 is the fact that it was the first Volkswagen vehicle to be equipped with a DSG, dual-clutch gearbox. This aspect alone should guarantee that the car is a potential future classic. Related: Volkswagen Golf R32: Costs, Facts & Figures

9 Mini Cooper R50

First going on sale in 2001, the Mini Cooper R50 was a modern reimagining of the iconic 60s original. The BMW-produced car was not very well received at first, being widely criticized for its enlarged stature and its German rather than British ties.

Despite initial opposition, the car was a huge commercial success and became an icon in its own right. Being essentially a relatively low-priced car, the Mini has not always been looked after, and general aging has seen many examples headed for scrap. Given the dwindling supply and popularity of the car, the R50 generation models are likely to enjoy future classic status.

8 Toyota MR2 Mk3

The original Toyota MR2 was launched in 1984 and was an attempt to compete with the dominant Mazda MX-5. The third generation car was released in 1999, and production continued until 2007.

The MR2 was installed in the popular sports car configuration, with a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. Under the hood, there was a 1.8-liter four-cylinder developing 140 horsepower, allowing the MR2 to propel itself from 0 to 100 km/h in around 8 seconds. One of the main selling points was the handling of the car, it offers a lot to drivers.

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seven Honda Civic Type R

The second generation Honda Civic Type R was produced between 2001 and 2005 and was based on the seventh generation Civic. The Type R is widely regarded as one of the best hot hatches available.

The car was powered by a 2.0 litre, 200 hp engine known as the K20. The 0-60mph sprint was possible in 6.4 seconds, helping it live up to its hot hatch personality. While the styling was relatively tame, especially compared to later cars, it was the driving experience that really sold the car.

6 Range Rover L322

The L322 was the third generation Range Rover launched by Land Rover. Compared to previous models, the car offered a big step forward in luxury and refinement. The car was initially released in 2002, before undergoing a major interior and exterior refresh in 2005.

The most powerful engine in the range was a Jaguar-derived 4.2-liter V8 developing 395 hp. Despite the car’s large mass, it could still go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.1 seconds, which is quite impressive considering it also offers the almost unrivaled off-road ability.

5 Ford Mustang 5th Generation

In many ways, the 5th generation Mustang was a comeback. Much more attention was given to the styling of the car and it managed to strike a balance between retro and modern style. The front in particular had a grille and headlight arrangement that closely resembled the previous generation cars.

The car was produced between 2005 and 2014, and the performance has also been improved over the previous generation, making it popular with Mustang enthusiasts. 2007 was a great year for the car, with the launch of the Shelby GT500, which housed a 600-hp 5.4-liter V8.

4 Saab 9-3 Sportwagon

2011 was a sad year for the automotive industry, as he saw the demise of the iconic Swedish brand Saab. The brand simply did not sell cars in significant quantities, to ensure its financial viability. Many large models had been produced by Saab over the years, and the current range was killed off, rather than rebranded.

The 9-3 compact wagon was first introduced in 2005 and was very stylish. The rear in particular looked quite futuristic, with the frosted taillights. Get one today, and you can enjoy a practical and good-looking vehicle that should be appreciated for years to come.

3 Volvo C30 T5

In a perhaps surprising departure from traditional Volvo design, the C30 offered unique styling. First released in 2006, the C30 added a level of refinement and luxury not often found on a car of its size.

For the special interest of gearheads, a fruity T5 engined model was available. The T5 was a 220bhp 2.5-liter turbocharged unit and was essentially the same engine found in the hot Ford Focus ST hatchback. 0-60mph was possible in just 6.2 seconds, making it a bit of a stealthy hot hatch in its own right.

2 Audi TT 8N

Launched in 1998, the first generation car known as the 8N was a radical new addition to Audi’s lineup. The TT was a breath of fresh air, offering a clean look, decent performance and a quality Audi interior. It shared a lot of resemblance with its concept car, which cannot be said for many cars.

The first generation TT received a “facelift” in 2003, which extended its life to 2006. The car sported a number of engine options and was first available in a turbocharged configuration of 1, 8 liter with 178 hp or 222 hp. In 2003 the same engine found in the Mk4 R32 was added to the range, delivering 250bhp and selectable with a DSG gearbox.

1 BMW 3 Series E46

The fourth generation BMW 3 Series was sold in North America between 1999 and 2005. The car was available in a number of body styles, from hatchback to sedan, coupe, convertible and station wagon. . Catering for all, the E46 was truly versatile, and all variants are potential future classics.

The car retained its good looks and remains a desirable vehicle to this day. The car is arguably the most capable compact executive of its time, combining a luxurious interior with a strong engine line-up.

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